The Maze Runner ★★★

Ok. I should hate this but I don't.

Most young adult adaptations don't do it for me as I'm neither young nor adult. I find the tropes annoying, the characters shallow charicatures and they never push any boundaries. The Maze Runner fall into the exact same pitfalls. It has the obligatory boy/girl pairing, the bad guy sticks out like sore thumb and it seems to beat to the same drums many of those other films do.

Two things stick out though. I thought the acting was actually pretty decent. We're essentially watching non characters, but they're pretty convincing non characters which is all credit to the young cast. And then there's the actual story. Sure, it plays out the way you'd expect but the central mystery is cleverly kept under wraps for the better part of the film, surprising me with my own investment in wanting to find out what's what.

The look of the film is a bit uneven. Some of the CGI is a bit spotty, some of the set pieces look amazing. I do have a problem with how most action sequences are filmed. There are a couple of decent scenes, but most is just frenetic camera shaking probably to cover up aforemention discount CGI.

All in all, this was surprisingly decent. I'm probably giving it more credit than it deserves because I was caught off guard by it not being bad.