Us ★★★★★

I didn't get on with Get Out that well. The intended satire just didn't click with me, leaving me with a good but for me uneven film. Us, in my eyes, is a much better film and shows just how talented Peele really is.

There seemed to be some bizarre unwillingness to call this a horror film. Much like with Hereditary and the VVitch, there almost seemed to be this notion that if you call it a horror film, people won't take it seriously because horror films can't be good, right?

Us is a horror film and it's bloody brilliant. Peele's allegorical nightmare balances wit, terror, intrigue and action beautifully. Aided by an outstanding cast, Peele gives us shards of a mirror that reflects things we don't really want to see. By taking the notion of the dark side of the soul quite literally, he manages to construct a terrifying narrative that manages, quite wonderfully, to be rather hilarious as well.

After a creepy opening, followed by some scenes with great character establishment, we get to the sheer terror of the second act. The humour is still there, but it's uncomfortable because of the unrelenting sense of dread. A lot of this has to do with Peele's outstanding pacing here, but the cast outdoes itself in this segment.

The final act, even though it's a bit too long, wraps things up nicely and explains the allegory without becoming too overbearingly obvious. The way I see it is that we get to see a physical representation of the dark side of a country in turmoil, perhaps best explained by the bitingly satirical 'evil hands across America' shot. But Peele starts out small, in the living room, in our homes. They why is alluded to (some sort of experiment), leaving us with the simple fact that basically we are (literally in this case) doing this, all this misery we see around us, to ourselves.

And that is perhaps the most horrific part of Us.

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