Wolf Creek 2 ★★★★

Mclean understands something very important. You only need to introduce your killer once in a horror movie.

Part 1 spends the better part of its running time building up tension and introducing the fantastic monster that is Mick Taylor.

Part 2 dispenses with the chit chat and goes for the jugular from the get go. And I bloody love it for it.

Jarratt kicks it up a gear and goes bonkers in the most fantastic way. He owns the character, runs off with it to pantomime central and completely gets away with it. He's insane. The movie's insane. (Kangaroo scene anyone?)

Apart from the fact that it is beautifully shot and truly nasty and disgusting, it's the tone that keeps you glued to the screen. Snorting with laughter the one second, looking away in disgust the next, perfectly balanced and paced.

Yeah, I bloody well loved this one.