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  • To Joy

    To Joy


    Stig Olin is great at portraying this type of man-child. Unsympathetic, selfish and insecure but occasionally genuine and tender. Nilsson is even more interesting. An intelligent woman trapped in a patriarchal web in which she's scoffed at at work and taken advantage of in her marriage. Yet, there is never any doubt who the strongest person in the relationship and her husband has to resort to verbal abuse, violence and betrayal to gain the upper hand. She is his superior…

  • Melancholia



    I usually don't use streaming services but at the moment I have both Mubi and a free month of HBO. Earlier this week I watched Lav Diaz Melancholia from 2008 on Mubi and when I saw that von Trier's Melancholia was streaming on HBO I thought it would be suiting to watch that next.

    It's not a particularly good film though. It's nonsensical and rather dull. It is also very inefficiantly told with scenes dragging on for longer than necessary.…

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  • Ringu



    A modern classic. Best viewed as a double feature together with The Blair Witch project on VHS while staying in a cabin in the woods.

    It's a very creepy picture. By now, everyone knows the premise of this film but I want to remind you that when you are watching this for the first time that premise is not fully revealed until the last 10 min or so of the film. You are not quite sure what makes it tick.…

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    I had pressed the little 'love'-button for this film but I unmarked it after just having rewatched the film for the first time since I saw it in the cinema 21 years ago. At the time I had met a friend who had just seen the movie and who told me "This film simply cannot be overhyped!". I remember being blown away by this film at how slick it looked and at that corridor scene with the slow motion violence…