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  • You Were Never Really Here
  • World of Tomorrow
  • The Beyond
  • Moonlight

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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    I would one day like to live in a world where this film ends and it reads "DIRECTED BY LANA AND LILLY WACHOWSKI" in big green letters instead.

    Both of those women have actively made this world better by making this film.

  • The Father

    The Father


    This film is brilliantly structured. I can see why it's screenplay was so heralded. The auditory motifs and subtle changes made throughout the set design really contribute towards an effect that is not only well-crafted, but really harrowing. The entire cast is mesmerizing (well, maybe not the guy who said "when are you going to stop getting on everybody's tits?" but I've been quoting it enough times at my dog that maybe I actually don't know what I'm talking about),…

Popular reviews

  • Small Axe

    Small Axe


    As a whole, this might be McQueen’s masterpiece. Socially relevant and endlessly stylish, this series is what filmmaking is all about.

  • Shithouse



    When you’re in college and into film, you inevitably run in to that guy who says his work is Richard Linklater-inspired. In most cases, they’ll write a less inspired rip-off of Before Sunrise or Dazed and Confused and subjugate everyone in their film writing class to bad, lackadaisical writing. In this case, that lofty declaration of tender minimalism is actually met and the result is genuinely one of the most sincere films of the year. 

    Director/Writer/Lead Actor and 22 year…