Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ★★★

"I want you to come home."
"I love you, son."

4 minutes in and I'm already crying. I cannot believe the chaos that Jack and his crew started for stealing that vault only to find it empty in the end. I aspire to live as lavishly as Barbossa; imagine owning a lot of ships and have all of them covered in jewels, including your prosthetic leg. That guillotine scene with Jack was funny and NERVE-WRACKING! If I knew that I would have to get through that, I would just immediately chop my head off.

A Pirates film is not a Pirates film if the cinematography, score, and production are not of good quality. The Black Pearl unshrinking? The entire look of Salazar and his fellow ghosts? The sea dividing and then collapsing in on itself? I will never not hype up this franchise's editing! Carina singlehandedly saved them all, by the way, with Henry as her sidekick. However, their relationship whatsoever felt forced– they didn't have any chemistry at all and it's like they tried to copy Will and Elizabeth's love story. Carina deserves better, though. She deserved a father-daughter love with Barbossa.

"Pirate's life, Hector."

Anyway, the Turner family finally becoming complete made me ugly cry. I just wished that Will and Elizabeth had more screentime. I really thought that she will suddenly appear in the middle of the film to act like a pirate again and save her husband. God, I am so whipped for this family.

I don't know what's in store for this franchise anymore, considering the tragedy that Johnny Depp has been in. It's obvious that Jack Sparrow's adventurous story is not yet over; I don't want him to be out of the picture just like that. And I know that it's impossible for Gore Verbinski to work on this franchise again, but I really hope that they finally hire a director that would somehow get on his level.

This has been a fun journey. I would like to watch its next film in the theatres– well, it still depends.