Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock ★★★★½

Now that’s what the fuck I’m talking about!!! My face hurts from smiling so much. This entire playlist went dumb, and I honestly wish we could go back to having parties this deeply rooted in sensuality with oneself and everyone around them because the energy here felt incredible. Watching two people strike a non-verbal peace treaty with a joint is just as lovely and tender as finding yourself lost in a song that’s long since drifted away. Definitely packs all of the attention to interiority that I felt Mangrove was missing, and it’s narrative components are that much more affecting for it.

But also....what happened to her homegirl that left the party early? I feel like Steve just forgot about lil Patty.

Oh, and also also, TURN OUT THE LIGHT BY THE INVESTIGATORS??? A bop like no other. Sheesh.

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