Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

This film is absolutely beautifully made and so utterly heart wrenching. Never has a number made me want to cry, and those last 15 minutes were some of these most powerful minutes I have have ever seen put on screen. Absolutely breathtaking. 
Near the end of the film Sophie is cross stitching a group of flowers and it has a red flower, a blue and yellows all emphasizing the fully blossomed bond between Marianne, Heloise and Sophie. Plus the use of the primary colors is really great and how at the end Marianne switches between all three. I’m sure if I had a better understanding of the use of color in film it would be even more impactful and trust me now I really want to learn. 

Favorite Line:
“Anger always comes to the fore” 


“He doesn’t make the lover’s choice he makes the poet’s”