The Farewell

The Farewell ★★★★½

"in the east, a person's life is part of a whole."

damn. i miss my family in china. i miss my grandma's 油面 and the way my grandpa rarely talked, but his eyes lit up as we gathered as a family. i miss my aunt going to the fruit vendors at 5 fucking am to get the freshest peaches. these are all little things the farewell reminded me of. seeing their family on my laptop screen was just like seeing a mirrored version of my extended family. as someone who grew up westernized, i resonate with billi's story; although i'm also awkward with mandarin and a little bit out of touch with chinese culture, i want to go back to not only see my family, but to reconcile with the part of my culture that i have lost. and for that, i thank wang for directing such an authentic portrayal of the experiences so many immigrant kids can relate to.