The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★½

i just don’t think this movie is for me so i partially feel disingenuous with giving it such a low rating. i didn’t like that although technically, julie is the “main chatacter” we only see her through the lens of her relationships with men. we don’t even see her have any real friends even in a scene where we should see her behave as a friend. i really liked julie in the first 30 minutes but then i feel like that initial characterisation was lost. i find this movie to be artsy heterosexual and maybe i’ll rewatch in my later 20s/30s and see if i feel any different. some positives of the movie is that it’s beautifully shot, the performances are fantastic, and i like the shroom scene a lot. 

(i dont like long & sincere reviews but i had to get these thoughts off my chest)

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