Escape from L.A.

Escape from L.A. ★★

According to IMDb's trivia page John Carpenter believes Escape from L.A. to be a better movie than Escape from New York. I on the other hand believe him to be out of his goddamn mind. I don't even particularly care much for the original film, but it's a superior effort in almost every way. The only thing the remake has going for it is that the action scenes are slightly more dynamic, but that doesn't matter given how inferior everything else is. It looks disgustingly cheap overall, score and CGI are godawful, and the script is probably one of the most lazy rehashes ever. It's literally the same story with the same plot points.

One often cited reason for remaking a film is to adapt it in a contemporary fashion for a modern audience, but not in this case. It was released in 1996, yet feels like a relic from the 80s, which made it an even more pointless endeavour since that version already existed. Unless of course Carpenter's intention was to take the piss out of his own earlier work.

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