John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★★★★

John Wick, the true horseman of the apocalypse.

Not by much because the low-key approach of the original film certainly has not lost any of its appeal, but out of the three chapters I like Parabellum the most. Mainly because the filmmakers took a more varied approach to killing people than they did with Chapter 2. As stylish as it looked, the headshots got boring about halfway through the film. Parabellum mixes it up quite a bit, and it's as batshit violent as it can be without tipping over into parody. The first film was more emotionally grounded than the second, which instead expanded on the mythology of Wick's world. Parabellum tries to do both, and it works. Kind of. The world building part is great, but the emotional part I found a bit insincere. John's reasoning for wanting to live is so that he can remember the woman he lost. You know, the one he got out of the game for, which probably means she wasn't involved in the crime world herself. Would she want to be remembered by a man, who reverted back to his former ruthless cold-blooded self? I somehow doubt it. Then again, I'm not watching hyper violent action movies like this for their emotional sincerity, but because their utter contempt for human life is so fucking entertaining. Anyone who tells you differently is a bloody liar.

Another thing that is a fair point of criticism yet didn't bother me much, is that Wick achieved absolutely nothing besides staying alive. The status quo at the end of Parabellum hasn't changed. He is as much a target as in the beginning. And there aren't any solutions to the quandary that the end of Chapter 2 left Wick in other than John dies at the end. Up until then it's all filler, but fuck me if it ain't ridiculously enjoyable filler.

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