Spider-Man: Far From Home

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This review may contain spoilers.

Where do I even begin? This is a comic book movie masterpiece. Everything about this works on every level. TOM Holland was already my favorite Spider-Man and this for me, cements him as one of the greatest comic book movie castings ever.
I only just saw it and I'm kind of flustered but I can say that this film has my favorite action in any cbm ever, up there with Endgame. The vfx, which were the thing that lacked Homecoming the most, are INCREDIBLE here, simply stunning. There is ONE scene involving Mysterio that might be the most comic booky and jaw dropping scene I've ever seen in a CBM, my jaw was on the floor.
Let's talk about how these MCU Spider-Man films have the best supporting cast in all the MCU, shall we? First we have Ned, who, everytime he opens his mouth, you are sure to die of laughter. He is so funny and loyal and his bangerwwith Peter and in this film MJ and Betty as well, is so great. I was worried Ned might die in the film, but thankfully that wasn't the case. Next we have MJ who is also great. She feels so real and authentic and Zendayas performance feels so unique and different than other cbm "love interests", she has stuff to say, she has problems and she is so smart and witty, shes not there to be eye candy or the damsel in distress which every other live action Spider-Man love interest has been. Flash is hilarious, Mr. Harrington: hilarious, everyone is just great.
Jake. Gyllenhaal. As. Mysterio..... Where do I even begin? P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. One of the best villains in the MCU, probably top three with Thanos and Killmonger. The reveal that he was a villain, while I knew it was coming, was executed in such a weird and funny way and it just had me shocked, his backstory is very different but connecting him to Tony makes things a little bit more personal between him and Peter and I really liked that decision. Also having his team be a bunch of screwed over Stark Industries employees wanting to make a name for themselves was SO clever and awesome. I just loved Mysterio, his costume, "powers", Jake's wild and unhinged performance that you can tell he had a blast filming, it's just, perfect. Also Nick Fury and Agent Hill are awesome as always.
The ending of this film is also, just incredible. WE GOT A FINAL SWING IN AN MCU SPIDER-MAN FILM!!!!! AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. The way the camera moved was so exhilarating and that shot of Peter swinging through the city through the reflections of a building was......... Wow. MJ joining him at the end was also *chefs kiss*.
The two post credit scenes were very interesting. You see when Mysterio *SPOILERS* died, I was thinking two things: 1. He's faking it somehow and will get back at Peter at another time. 3. He's really dead but he has some sort of exit contingency plan to get back at Peter post his death. Well, after the first credit scene, I'm thinking it was somehow both. Peter watches on a jumbotron a leaked video of Mysterio before his death defaming Spider-Man as a villain who planned on killing millions, and reveals Spider-Man's identity. We get an absolutely GLORIOUS recap of the events by none other than J.K. Motherfucking Simmons reprising his iconic role of J. Jonah Jameson, and Peter looks on in shock and fear. Now I have NO idea where the hell they're gonna go from here but I do know this, I cannot wait to see it. The second credit scene I won't spoil but it doubles as both a comedic scene and an interesting hint at what could possibly happen post phase 3.
In short this film improves upon EVERYTHING from Homecoming. The visuals, the action, the characters, story etc. And I loved it. I'm gonna have to rewatch Spider-Man 2 and Into the Spider-Verse because as of rn I think this is my favorite Spider-Man movie, and definitely top 3 MCU movie.

(unrelated but Peter's Stark suit in the film looks the absolute best it ever has, idk what they did to ig but it looks so much better)