tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ½

I hated everything about this. Some of the worst editing I’ve ever seen, abysmal direction, a genuinely awful script with not a single compelling character of narrative beat, just an absolute train wreck. This movie has no idea why it’s about, or who it’s main character is, seriously, outside of he has been trying to write this play for years and like has a girlfriend you know nothing and thus don’t care at all about the main character. Andrew Garfield is one of the most consistently talented actors of our generation (which makes it so frustrating how he just doesn’t do much and when he does it’s stuff like this) so it was genuinely shocking that he’s kind of bad in this! With a script this bad and a director this incompetent I guess that’s possible with anyone. All the songs were fucking TERRIBLE too Jesus yeah this was horrible.