Titanic ★★★½

out of all of the 400+ movies i’ve reviewed in my lifetime, i have yet to have seen some of the most popular flicks. one being the famous 1997 film release, by the name of Titanic. this had sat in my watchlist for a while, as i found the length of this movie unsuitable for my school schedule, but now that i have the time, i took advantage of it. the sinking of the infamous Titanic boat is known by many, but the details are limited as majority of it’s passengers didn’t survive. Titanic (1997) doesn’t particularly give a deep description either, because it focuses on two strangers who meet on the boat, and slowly fall in love with each other. 

Titanic (1997) does well for it to be three hours long, but during some scenes, you can’t help but bother to ask why a movie like this is so lengthy. i have a bone to pick with directors/writers who believe that historical films should be hours long. with time, more can be done, so i’m not against the idea, but when it lacks action, it should be around two hours. this statement doesn’t fully apply to Titanic (1997), but it does go towards its useless parts that linger on for no reason. the rest of the picture is great as its suspense keeps the audience’s attention, and the plot stays glued together perfectly. Rose’s (Kate Winslet) dresses were also very stunning, and added a wonderful touch to her as a character. Winslet & DiCaprio‘s chemistry was on point, along with their performances. 

some parts of this were obviously unrealistic, so i had to deduct a star, but besides that, this is a pretty decent movie. i wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’s a masterpiece, but everyone has their opinions. i hope to see this again someday, and be able to appreciate it more, because it’s worthy of returning to. it’s also quite advanced for its time, so i’m sure that whenever i rewatch this, i won’t have to worry about it being dated.

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