The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

Undeniably messy and misanthropic as it embraces ironically nihilistic throughlines regarding the unsavory nature of humanity in a specific time and place as a fictional pre-Vietnam microcosm of societal dysfunction and depravity. As Campos' first larger-budget ensemble outing, there's indeed the aforementioned messiness but this rests firmly in his wheelhouse as something obviously dour and godless, and to be honest, he kinda knocks it outta the park. If you wanna watch pretty people looking ugly-ish and absolutely not practice what they (literally) preach and then some in a devout and irreparably fucked West Virginian backwater community then this is your downcast angel. The on-the-nose aspect of a lot of this will undoubtedly frustrate some but just consider looking past that to what the end result satisfyingly is. Performances are also pretty fucking aces across the board (including Pattinson's).

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