Parasite ★★★½

2019 has been a veritable shocker for cinema thus far, and with that in mind, I had wondered just how much of the fevered adulation surrounding Bong Joon-ho’s film was a reaction to the dearth of quality during the first six months of the year. As it turns out... a little.

Don’t get me wrong - Parasite deliciously blends black comedy with the type of social commentary that Jordan Peele could only wish he pulled off this year. It’s entertaining throughout, with some superbly executed gear changes that had me sitting up in my seat, rubbing my hands with glee. It’s not all completely peachy, however.

Much of the impact for me was lost in the final 15 minutes. Without going into spoilers, the story-telling took a turn for the worse, leaning on a narrative device that hadn’t existed at all throughout the previous two hours, the film becoming far too concerned with spelling things out than it should have been. It left a sour taste with what was otherwise a tasty dish.

Having said that all that, I still consider Parasite a great film, the best of 2019 for me so far, and enjoy seeing the love it’s getting. Bong on.

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