Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★½

First thing I did after watching Far From Home was check to see whether John Watts was indeed the same director responsible for Homecoming. To be honest, I knew this going in, but I had to double-check, as there is a substantial gulf in quality in the set-up and execution of crucial beats between the two films.

The unveiling of the villainous plot in Far From Home is a prime example of this. Homecoming had probably the best executed revelation in the entire MCU, the villain’s relationship to Peter Parker being revealed with masterful subtlety. If any film had an opportunity to one-up this, it was Far From Home, but this critical moment is devastatingly botched. After a patchy first third, this sequence came as a hard slap to the face, and leaves me feeling sorry for fans of the character. They did him dirty.

Thankfully, the film rebounds from this, and the confrontations between Spidey and villain are actually quite sensational, some of the best realised set-pieces since Dr Strange. It makes the bitter pill of the earlier mic drop even harder to swallow, knowing it could have really been something special, but instead ended up a dog’s breakfast.

For me, Far From Home sits right in the mid-tier of the MCU, the good unfortunately cancelled out by the bad - and the sooner I forget the ugly reveal, the better. Spidey had the crushing weight of the post-Endgame world sitting on his little shoulders, but all the webbing he could muster wasn’t quite enough to save this entry from mediocrity.

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