Suspiria ★★★½

Not quite the masterpiece I was hoping for, Guadagnino’s Suspiria is a bold and unsettling film nonetheless. It’s a shame that there were some aspects that detracted from what I felt could have been a much more satisfactory experience overall.

The inclusion of the character of Dr Josef Klempe seemed almost arbitrary, removal of his character and arc would have only improved the film, as well as shortening it by a good half an hour at least. I also took issue with the structure of the film, set up as 6 acts and an epilogue. This felt entirely unnecessary, indicating an aim that had been set loftily, but without the material to help it land quite on target.

The issues that the film had were significant enough to prevent me from putting Suspiria amongst my favourites of the year thus far, but to say I did not enjoy it would be a bold-faced lie. There is a lot to like, the 6th act in particular living up to the hype that had been bestowed on it. Swinton and Johnson are superb, and there are some lovely directorial flourishes throughout that remind you that Guadagnino is an astute craftsman.

All in all, Suspiria is a horror film that dares to be different, and as such, it’s deserving of your time and attention.

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