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  • Snowpiercer



    A social comment on class differentiation, but unlike other similar films of this caliber, Bing Joon-Ho’s debut English language film is far too overt and explicit for its own good.

    The main problem with this film, I think, is that the first act is far inferior to that of the second and third. These two subsequent acts both drive the narrative to deeply dark and darkly ludicrous places, but the first finds itself wallowing in its setup and messages, without…

  • Wayne's World

    Wayne's World


    “I thought we'd go for a little Bohemian Rhapsody, gentlemen?”


    “Garth, I’m going to be frank./ OK, can I still be Garth?”

    “No Stairway, denied”


    “I like to play.”

    “Have you seen this boy?”

    “It's like a new pair of underwear, at first they're restrictive but then after a while they become a part of you.”

    “Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and play a girl bunny?”

    “I mean Led Zepplin didn't write tunes that anbody liked. They left that to the BeeGees”


    That’s it. Enough said.

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  • Rebecca



    It was always going to be a risk for Netflix to remake an all time Hotchcockian classic, and, to be completely honest, the odds were badly balanced in favour of the predecessor.

    In today’s age of film, it is quite common to see filmmakers remake such classics (be this classic film or literary works) with a contemporary spin, be this through hiring actors or crew from a disadvantaged group, rewrite for stereotypical character tropes, or gender cliches to better “represent…

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    Before beginning, I do not consider this to be a bad film. ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ is consistently well constructed, and well supported by a very capable cast. Where I say this, I do think this film is grossly overrated by many people.

    The writing was what kept this film interesting. Courtroom dramas such as this face the constant threat of becoming dry and monotone, but there was enough variety in character and character-driven humour to make it…