Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

“I’d rather be dead”

Simply put, this dud of a movie pissed me off! I wasn’t expecting anything incredible from this film, but I wasn’t expecting something BAD! 

The songs written for this film were great, and I loved the score, however, for a film about singing, the sound mixing was pretty terrible, which complimented some equally horrendous ADR (especially during the Song-Along sequence).

As a comedy drama, I found the film to have failed at both being funny, and being emotional. It had a simple, recycled, predictable plot. It was tensionless, and it largely lacked humour. Worst of all it was bloody BORING. If a film has you checking your watch after every five minutes, it’s missing something big!

Graham Norton was the only cast member who seemed to have any sort of grasp of comedic timing, and his appearances throughout were hilarious, which I wish I could say for the rest of the film.

I’m not big on my comedies, and I wasn’t expecting anything terrific from this, but I was highly disappointed, and I really wish they could have shaved a good half hour off the runtime. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.


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