Upgrade ★★★★★

This movie was wild. I went in thinking that it was a straight up horror movie due to the trailer and how it was marketed, which is understandable because it was written and directed by Leigh Whannell (writer of SAW and Insidious) and I LOVE horror flicks, but this was so much more. It definitely more of a sci-fi film with a few elements of horror, in lieu of the original Terminator, and it is just oozing with frenetic action sequences and some intense graphic violence... I FREAKING LOVED IT!

Grest story, fun performances, and an amazing soundtrack. I would have to say that my favorite part would be the atmosphere; it takes place in the future but it has this very retro 80s flare and that was what hooked me from the beginning. If you love 80s sci-fi/horror/action movies or just movies in general, I highly recommend watching.