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  • Mulan


    The original 1998 animation is one of my favourite films of all time, showcasing Disney at their absolute best. A beautifully empowering story told with such captivating precision and heartfelt emotion. In addition to this the film also contained spectacular action sequences, plenty of clever comedy and fantastic songs. Easily my pick for the studio's best.

    It's fair to say Disney have not had a good track record with the quality of these remakes. So this being on the cards…

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    Elem Klimov's anti-war masterpiece is an unrelenting experience and the definition of a hard-to-watch film. Through haunting imagery, slower pacing and clever use of sound the film effectively succeeds from start to finish in plunging you deep into the true horrors of war.

    Firstly, the film ensnares you in with it's unforgettable camerawork. Whether the camera lingers on the unfortunate consequence of being in the path of the Nazis, or lingers on the trauma upon the characters faces, it's so…

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  • Nobody



    It's extremely clear from simply reading the description of this film where it's inspirations lie. It's also very clear from the very first frame the sort of tone the cast and crew are going for and boy is it an entertaining one. The weird mish mash of dark comedy and brutal action comes together to deliver something far from original but somehow it manages to feel fresh at the same time.

    Bob Odenkirk has proven in Breaking Bad he can…

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    When A Quiet Place came out in 2018 the film received a lot of praise for Krasinki's direction and the way it managed to give character depth, excitement and also a genuine sense of terror at the same time. Admittedly I never quite loved it to the level of most but I still thought it was strong. Balancing all these aspects in a creature feature is no easy feat and up until today there's only maybe two films I can…

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  • Host



    Firstly can I just say fair play to everyone behind this for producing it during the quarantine restrictions and doing everything remotely. Much like Unfriended: Dark Web a few years ago, Host is a solid screen-capture horror even with it's flurry of jumpscares and found footage gimmicks. Whilst being far from the most original or unpredictable of features, the film weaves in the relatability of the video calls that many of us have done in lockdown to deliver a experience…

  • Parasite



    Had to check this out in theatres again after it's fantastic show at the Oscars, in my opinion one of the most deserved and possibly the most important best picture winner of all time. Hard to believe the best film of the year actually won best picture and it's voted for by the same people who voted Green Book to win last year, quite the contrast.

    So many little nuances and things you notice on rewatch which really cement this…