Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

"Who gives a fuck about movies?!?"

This somehow simultaneously feels like the most serious and brutal, yet silly and ridiculous, entry in the franchise.

I'm not the biggest fan of all of the connections to the previous entry (particularly with the absurd climatic plot twist), but this kicked ass in almost every other way.

The absolute aggression and physicality in the action and kills is great, the story and development are even better, and they use NYC fairly well (as well as they can for not actually filming on location).

The most unrealistic part might be the taxi stopping for pedestrians near the beginning. Those fuckers do not stop. I've seen someone nearly die from being run through by one and just walk across like they expected it.

The most realistic part? Most of us probably are whiny film nerds with no personality. *sigh*

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