Midsommar ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

First things first, this film has more gore or at least more instances of gore than hereditary, so if you usually hate that type of stuff this might not be a good watch for you. 

I’m pretty sure I liked this more than hereditary, it wasn’t as terrifying or even creepy really but there were so many moments of surreal imagery laced with a beautiful score where I was like ok now this is filmmaking. Also I really like that there wasn’t anything inherently supernatural going on in this movie, it’s just an obscure little community with some especially crafty festivities. There were some plot points or story moments that weren’t exactly necessary except maybe to serve as a distraction? For instance the whole “thesis” subplot I feel served more as a mechanic for making the audience believe this subplot matters so these characters are all gonna be alive for a while or at least until this conflict is settled. But in the grand scheme of things nothing like that hindered my enjoyment of this movie.

One last ‘this says a lot about society 😳’ note: I’m trying to wrap my head around the cult essentially mimicking people’s emotions in the form of moans or sobs and I think it’s supposed to be something about our performance of emotions when attempting to be sympathetic or something like that?

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