Twist ½

"Modern telling of Oliver Twist Brought thrillingly up to date" - So first of all that's a lie. Massive shout out to Rita Oras agent, how they keep getting her acting jobs is beyond me. She can't act. Rafferty Law who makes his acting debut as Oliver Twist, I pray you still have a career after this, but you haven't done yourself any favours. The writing is painful, he does not understand what a Bi-sexual woman is. There is a random pub fight scene which makes zero sense aswell. As I write this I'm trying to figure out what the half a star is for. The end heist doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. One of the guys has an app that shows where the police are walking, So that is nifty. It is a mess of a film. I have decided the half a star is because their is a dog in the film.
Also... Parkour Parkour Parkour.