Carol ★★★★½

I need more adjectives.

It's really incredible how perfect the period styling is for this. Every aspect recreates the look and feel of that era, and Haynes uses the setting to explore themes and ideas that have intrigued him his whole career. I loved the use of reds and greens; not enough movies utilize green. Everything just looked so lush and sensual!

There's a movie from 1945 called Brief Encounter, probably David Lean's finest work. Structurally this is very similar, so much so that the final few scenes - with one moment in particular - could have had their impact muted if it wasn't handled so delicately and so confidently. It's a testament to the film and its strengths that the specific moment remained as heartbreaking and infuriating as it was meant to be.

Loved that the focus remained on the two women, it so easily could've shifted focus somewhere along the line to Carol's husband and the custody battle. They're two of the most fully realized characters in recent cinema, done justice by their fantastic actresses.

Killer ending that I wasn't expecting at all, but for which I so desperately hoped.

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