The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow ★★★★

This short film is up in some of real scary shit!

I've been following HiTopFilms' channel for a while, and I'm more than glad to say I liked this a lot.

The overall look and feel of the film is exceptional, especially when taking into consideration that it's a student film.
This short certainly made me envious, as a fellow aspiring young director, because of it's finesse, but also more importantly it motivated me as a piece of art, by a group of people whom are also 'hollywood outsiders', to create at a higher level, and to 'lay it all out on the line'. That sentiment is why I resonated and enjoyed The Scarecrow so much; it oozes the passion and creativity of everyone involved, through how experimental, and different it is. The Direction overall is very hungry, as evident through the spewing sensibilities of care and interest in what they are working to create.

Everyone involved deserves more than a pat on the back for if this was the Short Film Hunger Games, these guys went in for the kills, and came on top because of it. They showed now mercy, and in doing so demonstrated their genuine love for film, whilst in the process making a more than solid genre short, that's reignited my spark to make art myself.

Side Note: Hope y'all see this review: John, Josh, Alex, and Nathalie.

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