Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

This movie is like when your family says, let’s do a small secret Santa thing this Christmas as well as a gift exchange and you think, well I don’t know why we need the extra secret Santa cause I’m fine with just the regular gift exchange, but sure, sounds like fun. Then your secret Santa gets you a book titled The Invention of Baseball and you’re like, I never thought or really cared how baseball came about, but I do like the sport so this should be fun. When you crack open the book you know eventually you are going to get to things like 4 balls, 3 strikes and 3 outs, and even though you never cared how they came up with those numbers it is still kinda cool to find out. Also the book is really well acted and looks pretty good on screen and when you finally finish you’re thinking I don’t know what all the hate around the invention of baseball is all about, it obviously isn’t the same as actually playing baseball, but it’s a completely fine movie and I like it.

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