Triangle of Sadness

Triangle of Sadness ★★★★

Immediate thoughts after watching: 
Wow! Triangle of Sadness is a shocking and hilarious critique of the wealthy and a look at class hierarchy. Every rich person in this movie is obsessed with their own beauty and power over people they deem lower than them. In reality, it's their lives that are filled with emptiness and being unprepared for the real world. Everything worth anything is connected with Instagram followers or income to them and they are not shy in their preposterous orders to the crew.

This film is presented in 3 chapters and each one builds on the other. Ruben ups the ante and escalates this story into ridiculousness. He writes detailed and hysterical satire here about the wealthy class. The hilarity is in the script and characters being so unattached from the grounded world. Woody Harrelson even shows up as the captain of the yacht and steals some of the scenes he's in. The movie just keeps throwing surprises at you in terms of comedy or disgust. Everything is filmed beautifully and in the 2nd chapter when things get disgusting it is filmed magnificently. The explicit bodily fluid scenes make Jackass Forever feel silly. I honestly was starting to get a little upset at my stomach watching it, but it's like a train wreck you can't take your eyes off. The 2nd chapter is where the amazingly memorable shock set piece comes in that you will never forget. The 3rd chapter flips the class dynamics on its head and presents some really fascinating ideas you will want to ponder and discuss. When the servants are in the position to be upper class what do you think will happen? Rich people cannot live for themselves and by themselves so in the predicament that they get into in this film plants the question. Like I said, the class hierarchy dynamics get flipped and it is such a fascinating concept to view in a satirical way. It’s sort of like Parasite with a comedic slant to it. 

The film ends on an ambiguous note that will leave you thinking. It includes a last shot I'm not so certain about and I think Ruben's instincts were wrong with the last image, but the last scene is a great one. Triangle of Sadness will disgust you and make you laugh probably at the same time. Get your barf bag ready. 

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