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  • Survey Map of a Paradise Lost
  • Dracula in Vegas
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  • Unico - Black Cloud and White Feather

    Unico - Black Cloud and White Feather


    what does it feel like to lie alone without a head? Missing my nights as Kali, feeling my toes in the water. Oh, why do we bother? Practice or knowledge, grating to hate me. I'm so scared to be seen.
    I don' want you to meet me.
    Nothing will work~! <3

  • Never in the Morning!

    Never in the Morning!


    She was here! Leaving like seasons, passing like tides. A washing machine with nothing inside. It doesn't take much to cleanse me of yesterday, but to think of tomorrow is not likely to happen. I don't wait for forever because I haven't the time. I'm not having much fun, but that's not what this was ever about. I want to do whatever I want, and I do (for the most part)!

    Sneaking suspicions — who could we be? Someone from…

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  • They Eat Your Flesh

    They Eat Your Flesh


    He's soo hungry and you don't even notice. What did you think you saw? Okay ....... the room is different, things are around. I'm not messy, just loud. Thank you for being so kind........... I can't afford this kind of life.

    Stairway appears!!!!
    Do I choose to enter?

    Are we returning to the past, this is impossible. A plan must be etched for the future. A dugout and a ballpark .... resting has repercussions and leaves me no time to catch up!! Well, here I was/ (will you rape melike you used to)! I don't want to put on the suit.

  • Thanksgiving



    She kisses my head and she runs down my back as she leaves.

    "I love you"

    "I love you too"

    An engine rumbles to live as the clouds break for a moment, letting the sun varnish these wood floors.

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  • I Like Life a Lot

    I Like Life a Lot


    This film is art in its purest form, speaking to innate humanity. The distancing of ourselves from our youths is essential to avoid the horrors of our self-hatred born from societal prejudice ingrained into our beliefs without our very acknowledgment.

    I cannot go beyond my time here; I can only sense vague reminders of the lives I never knew. For you to stand here tonight makes me the weakest sparrow within your palms. As the terrace creaks beneath your weight,…

  • Tumbling Doll of Flesh

    Tumbling Doll of Flesh


    The 1990s were difficult for the Japanese adult video industry. With an economic recession permeating the decade and the shifting of popular tastes, the studios were struggling to keep buyer interest. So, as the decade went on, more and more companies became raunchier and rougher, trying to offer more niches than ever before in the hopes of appealing to a prospective market that still had money to spend. This proliferation of taste is where Baroque's bloody place in the mondo…