Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain ★★★½

This was really funny; I'm glad I watched this on a whim.

Pain and gain... what does the world really get from all of its sufferings? Was everything born out of the need to alleviate these worries? Eugenics, suicide, nuclear bombs, and opiates were all devised as potential cures to an issue. Nothing really makes sense when you think of it at all. Like words that lose their meaning once repeated too much, I start to lose feeling from this repetition. Numbing cold, a wasted underwater chain of weeds that wrap around my fingers here, they're dragging me below the ice, and all I can hear is the soft drum of your footsteps far away above the ice, like the angel's marching band. Everything I've touched is dead, and everything I've owned is gone. I relinquish this body to you, frigid depths, bury me here amongst the sand and sleeping frogs. They'll follow the sound of chains moving along the lakebed while I rest for a while.

We could be sleeping; Oh, it'll all disappear. And then, maybe. It'll all become clear.

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