Gravity ★★★★½

'Houston in the blind: ...'

It's a rare treat to see a movie that you've been looking forward to, that then receives a considerable amount of hype, that proceeds to surprise and thrill you as hoped. The star of the movie is definitely the filmmaking - the camera shifts you from claustrophobia to agoraphobia, from serenity to panic, and back again. Never has a trip to the cinema been more stressful.

The lack of sound in space and the reliance on music worked wonders, and should be emulated by genre movies. Looming threats still loomed, and zooming things still zoomed.

- I was taken by surprise when a lot of hate came Bullock's way after her casting (don't people like Speed and Demolition Man?), but I do think I would have really enjoyed either Charlize Theron or Jodie Foster in the lead role.
- This movie OWNS at recurring motifs! I thought the minor spiritual thread was going to grate slightly, but it didn't at all, and that was driven home when I was really happy to see the Buddha idol mirroring the Christ icon.
- This definitely gets added to the very short list of "movies I'm glad I saw in 3D".

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