Run ★★★★

Great movie. Unpopular opinion apparently but I connected more with this than Searching, which I was already a big fan of. I said at the time that Aneesh Chaganty would be a director to watch, and what do you know? I didn't lie!

Apparently the Letterboxd crowd is lukewarm on this one. I've seen a lot of reactions that could be summed up as "it's a standard sophomore outing." Although Searching is more visibly proficient and innovative at first glance, I found Run to be more emotionally involving, both due to Chaganty's confident direction and how well the movie reflects a very particular experience that I happen to know first hand: having a toxic person love you, but only in their own way. That's a hard thing to accurately portray, and while obviously it's played up for genre purposes, the emotional truth of that experience rings true in the script and performances.

While Run is probably a bit too conventional as far as "paperback thrillers as movies" go to get top marks, Chaganty deserves far more credit than he's received for being maybe the finest nuts and bolts craftsman amongst the directors to debut in the last five years. His scene and set-piece construction is top notch, his twists and reversals are punchy and well-executed, and he makes perfect use of his primary actors. Sarah Paulson will never not kill "unhinged mom." I hope we get to see Kiera Allen in more things going forward, she was wonderful. Best ending to a 2020 movie I've seen so far.

Love is the hardest thing to let go, even when it's the worst thing you have.

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