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  • Quiz Lady

    Quiz Lady


    "Am I sweating?"

    I'm not the biggest fan of the comedy genre, and find most 21st century efforts not to be worth the trouble. Imagine my surprise when I found myself being swept along with the whole craziness Quiz Lady has to offer. It was certainly nice to see something vaguely original, and it follows two very different siblings (Awkwafina and a bonkers Sandra Oh) tackling a debt in need of urgent repayment...The chemistry between the two leads works a…

  • The Creator

    The Creator


    "Are you going to heaven?"

    After a big screen absence of seven years following Monsters, Godzilla and Rogue One, director Gareth Edwards is back with a sci-fi tinged near future adventure. It's original story, that isn't based on anything remotely franchise related, it follows John David Washington's Joshua on a covert mission to obtain new weapon that has big potential ramifications for the war between humans and AI.
    Despite it's very current nature in parts, it's a refreshingly different take…

Recent reviews

  • Private Benjamin

    Private Benjamin


    "It's disgusting! There are urinals in there!"

    This was a very belated re-watch, having not seen this since the 80s. I'll always remember the theatrical poster slightly disturbing me as a youngster, and trying to work out what on earth what was going with Goldie Hawn - copious amounts of smeared mascara and all. I've got to say, this hasn't aged well, and the tone was wildly uneven. Hawn's story of trying to find herself after becoming widowed, and promptly…

  • Sly



    "I've always believed in sequels because I think quite often this story can't be told in two hours."

    As a huge fan of Mr Stallone, I was always going to have a good time with this, but it certainly exceeded my expectations. It's a wonderfully candid study of the Hollywood start that charts his childhood years through to his meteoric rise as a Hollywood heavyweight (pun intended). Despite the trappings of wealth and fame, Stallone's story isn't all a happy…

Popular reviews

  • The Tomorrow War

    The Tomorrow War


    "I hate to agree with conspiracy Santa..."

    Based on some very lacklustre trailers, tepid promotional artwork, and it's direct to streaming nature, this had me sharpening my critical knives prior to viewing. I'm unexpectedly happy to report that it's more than worth your time if you're a fan of the genre. Although it doesn't get much beyond it's premise of Chris Pratt Vs Aliens, it never takes itself too seriously and has more than a bit of fun with it's…

  • The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

    The Map of Tiny Perfect Things


    "Is that Darth Vader or Yoda?"

    I never saw this one coming! What an utterly charming little film. I'm far from the biggest fan of the rom-com genre, but the fusing of it with a 'time loop' scenario elevates it above the ususal fare. Yes, Groundhog Day wrote the book on this, and it's referenced more than once in the film, as is 'Edge Of Tomorrow'. But this time around, it's more of a 'knowing' journey with lead Kyle Allen…