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This review may contain spoilers.

listen, ikaris was showcasing typical teacher's pet behaviour like he would for sure ask about the homework if the teacher forgot to. but i did get it when he just flew into the sun to avoid facing consequences after things didn’t go as he wanted.

eternals is far from the mcu’s worst. also not the best, but the backlash is ridiculous and i don’t want to comment on people who are judging this based on preconceptions about the cast or the characters. personally, i think the problem of this movie was over-ambition. you have 10 main characters who have been present since the creation of earth. of course, it’s not going to work well in a theatrical cut. on top of that, they tried to hint at topics like climate change or philosophize over the nature of life.
at the same time, they tried to satisfy the general audience for marvel movies and included lots of banter and the usual fighty fights. these just didn’t work well together. i usually enjoy easter eggs in movies, but weirdly in this movie every time they mentioned thanos or the snap it just pulled me out. maybe this story could’ve worked better as a standalone? maybe as a series so they have more time to flesh out ideas? we’ll never know.

still, i have to say, i did enjoy watching this movie. despite everything they tried to fit in this movie, i liked most of the characters, i think they were fairly fleshed out. visually it’s a marvel, i was mainly impressed with the design ideas behind these new characters and their technology. it’s also refreshing that they tried something new plot-wise. i’m an mcu fan, but we all gotta admit: almost all of their movies are based on the same plot points with different characters when you get down to it.
i think this movie is definitely going to grow on a lot of people and will be more appreciated in the future.

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