Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

first of all, can we just talk about Emerald Fennell’s iconic cameo??

this has been one of my most anticipated movies this year. i’m so glad i was able to squeeze it in before the end of the year, and i was not disappointed!

to be fair, i liked the concept to begin with. then you add a boppy, well-picked soundtrack and you are halfway to my heart. add nice color schemes and good cinematography to it and you almost got it. i’m not that hard to please. i also loved the performances, carey mulligan girl… whew.

buuut then the last part came, and my entire body was tense as hell. i think the movie was a clear 5* for me up until then, but i’m still on the fence about how i feel about the ending. at first, i didn’t really like it. it made me feel very uneasy and i didn't have that "alright lesson taught, mission accomplished, all is good” feeling (not that every movie needs that, but i feel that might have been the intention here).
i have been thinking about this since i watched it last night and although i have calmed down, i’m still trying to figure out my feelings about the final part. did the look of the movie deceive me into expecting a sugar-coated ending? was i just bothered by the ending because it was simply not that? is this the realistic outcome for this story?

i’m still giving it four stars because i really liked this movie with all its flaws. the creators came through with some bold choices and i appreciate that, but i’m also overwhelmed. will probably rewatch it as soon as i can.
pro tip: don’t watch it before trying to fall asleep, i needed a good twenty minutes to calm down.

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