WandaVision ★★★★½

“boys, handle the military. mommy will be right back.”

so the finale did not stick the landing flawlessly (mostly because of the thoughtless promises some of the actors made), but i weirdly don’t feel disappointed. the outcome of the series was just as heartbreaking and full of promises as i hoped it would be. wanda came out of this story as one of the mcu’s best-developed characters and i can only hope that they won’t mess this up (or underutilize her again) in the upcoming projects.
and sure, we can complain about how the wild theories we came up with did not turn out to be true, but i can’t say i’m that disappointed much by that either really. over the past few weeks, this series provided a much welcome distraction and something exciting to discuss with a bunch of people so i enjoyed the ride.

p.s. watching the scarlet witch transformation was truly a religious experience (yeah whatever i might be a simp for wanda and fully biased, so what)

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