• All About My Mother

    All About My Mother


    i love women supporting women! this is obviously not without its faults in today’s modern world, especially the trans characters storylines, because it’s essentially about a woman who’s ashamed of her trans partner. but pedro really really knows how to depict the pain and suffering that women go through every single day. this is melodrama at its finest. douglas sirk would be proud!

    i’m a sucker for a reference so the streetcar, all about eve and opening night allusions really got me going. and the interiors and costumes are to die for it goes without saying. the wig budget for marisa paredes alone must’ve been ludicrous

  • Best in Show

    Best in Show


    genuinely not even messing when i say this is truly one of the greatest films ever made. it gets better with every watch, every single line of dialogue is hilarious and it’s so satisfying to show to people who’ve never seen it before because everyone falls in love with it.
    such a crowd pleaser! the perfect film! god loves a terrier! she looks like a cocktail waitress on an oil rig!

  • This Is Spinal Tap

    This Is Spinal Tap


    “it’s like how much more black could this be and the answer is none. none more black”

  • Tenet



    i don’t know what the fuck they’re saying but girl i am living!

  • Live Flesh

    Live Flesh


    lovely little erotic thriller but this has to be my least fave almodóvar i’ve seen. major soap opera vibes which i loved but it was far too focused around the men! not enough fun for the girls and gays in my opinion

  • Ghost World

    Ghost World


    “I just hate all these extroverted, obnoxious, pseudo-bohemian losers.”

  • House



    love that obayashi was asked to make a film with a vibe like jaws and turned round and went nahhhh fuck that! but i’ll give you an absolutely west, campy horror comedy based around the nightmares of my 10 year old daughter. king shit.

    visually it made me think of black narcissus with the painted scenery and clouds and the spooky house high up in the hills. absolutely DELICIOUS!

  • The Peanut Butter Falcon

    The Peanut Butter Falcon


    i feel so warm 🥺

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    proper gripped me for the first half - kinda tailed off during the second half! proper fun though

  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    time...is a flat circle

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    “i’ve always been waiting for you to act like a real dad. you haven’t done that one time”

    i fucking felt that for sure. noah jupe is excellent! i was truly blown away by him. at some points i was hoping in my head shia would just be nice to him because it was upsetting me too much. the scene with the tv dad was really, really devastating. absolutely destroyed me so this did

  • Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

    Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!


    when the dick is so good you forget you’ve been kidnapped