Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★

probably PTA's worst in how meandering, tedious, pointless, pretty much nothing the majority of this is but I'd definitely rather watch it than The Master and, yeah, Alana Haim was pretty great. It's just endless sequences and vignettes and needledrops and 2 minute scenes and it's frustrating how little they do and how little they seem to matter

also just frightfully unfunny, asian thing multiple times aside, hard to believe the same dude did Punch Drunk Love (a very funny movie); really sad to have gone into this thinking it'd probably be 2nd best but what can I say

all the tech stuff is fine, it's all a solid job, but I can't help but feel like my time has been wasted with just... pointless Bradley Cooper bits, Benny Safdie being in the movie for the last 20 minutes, Sean Penn doing William Holden, all for not much reason and with such slow pace. Feels like such a shame to have so little positive to say about it but so much of this movie is so forgettable because there's just so much stuff in it I can't even remember the parts I DO like

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