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  • WALL·E



    The gender role reversals in this movie are more than a little disgusting. Having said that, WALL-E is so damn adorable.

  • Long Strange Trip

    Long Strange Trip


    When you pull up at a red light and a homeless person comes up to your car asking for money for "food" but you have your doubts that they wont just spend it on liquor or crack, you can give them this stuff instead:
    Hand sanitizer
    Mini bottles of mouthwash
    Spare change
    Unused napkins and stuff lying around
    Any cigarette butts that have a little tobacco left in them
    CVS receipts that have CVS bucks or discounts off cold and flu medicine

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  • Best in Show

    Best in Show


    Good news: nothing in your life is more important than that you watch this cult classic mockumentary about competitive dog shows.

  • Onward



    There is enough creative brainpower at the Pixar studio to cure cancer, end global famine, and other humanitarian feats; for better or worse they have determined to make wonderfully poignant family films. This one is wonderful.