Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★½

this movie was ahead of its time.. i mean when’s the next time we’re going to get lgbt representation that isn’t forced or central to the plot. i know it’s based on a true story but damn, that shit was so natural. we need gay relationships to resurface in thrillers, horrors, neo-noir films. that shit shouldn’t be reserved just for melodramas and romance dramas ffs!! it’s time we normalise lgbt relationships in all kinds of films. damn i knew i could trust pacino

anygays this film literally got me rooting for al pacino ‘the bank robber’.. feelin like them walter white supremacists. guy’s literally a criminal, but it’s hard to hate al pacino let’s be real. i’m just gonna say it - he was hot in this. and when he told his wife “don’t call yourself fat”, even though he was fucking mad at her? homeboy was WOKE af in the 70s, we stan

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