I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

I remember watching the video of tonya at the lillehammer 1994 olympics when it showed up in my recommended on youtube. you could see what she was going through on that fateful day. margot robbie has given a phenomenal performance in every scene she's in, but it's this scene in which she outdoes herself. from the part where she's applying make-up before her performance (which was ENTIRELY improvised by her,) to when she's trying to fix her skate. that scene is so perfectly shot. and when she breaks down in tears - like the commentator said, it was devastating. margot worked really hard while preparing for the role and you can see it! I feel like everything I say is an understatement. she's just brilliant. I hope her oscar's polished and ready for her, cause she's coming!

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