Moonlight ★★★★★

every time I watch this film, I notice something new that makes me love it even more.

watching the scene where paula and juan confront each other - for a moment, I was mad at the character of juan. why did he have to be a drug dealer, why couldn’t he just have another profession - I wanted the character to be perfect so bad. but then I imagined what the scene would’ve been like, if he had another profession - it would have been so cliché. he would’ve told paula off, sounding all high and mighty - turning her into some sort of villain character, which she wasn't. the irony of his character was disappointing, yet beautiful. and that’s probably why mahershala’s performance is so memorable. every time I watch this film I’m in awe of mahershala ali, I don’t know how he does it. probably the best performance I’ve seen of an actor’s on the big screen. what caught me by surprise on this viewing, was also how trevante rhodes perfectly embodied the character of chiron. even though he was all bulked up, there was nothing intimidating about him. he was still that shy and quiet boy we knew from the start. he doesn’t talk much, but trevante’s expressive eyes say so much. whether it’s him just lying on the bed, or eating the food kevin prepared for him - it was chiron. also the music that plays during the credits is straight fire omg, totally matches the mood of the film and complements the speechlessness that the viewer experiences after watching a masterpiece. god-tier

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