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This review may contain spoilers.

third viewing, i’m floored. noticed so many things that i didn’t notice before, i cant believe i missed out on so much. it’s almost embarrassing really, i didn’t think my appreciation for this film could grow even more. probably my favourite detail was mrs. park telling chung-sook about the dog who requires a long leash - and the parallel - with kiwoo running around the basement on all fours with a long leash around his neck, literally.

it’s not trying to be politically correct. it’s not taking a stance. it’s telling the tale of class conflict - and as a viewer, holding a grudge against any of the three families in this film is exactly what the film is telling us not to do. i’ve read some people hail this film as “anti-rich, anti-upper class” and honestly, you couldn’t be more wrong. there’s a reason kim ki taek apologises frantically to the photograph of mr. park towards the end of the film. the real problem can be described as a spectrum - a sense of superiority at one end, with the oppression olympics at the other. forget all that shit, just be a nice person for a change.

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