The Social Network ★★★★★

10 years later, it’s still the greatest film ever made, and the best thing to come out of facebook.

was about to say “one of the greatest” but no, fuck it. it just doesn’t get better than this for me. feels really fucking weird watching this in 2020 - considering the political environment and what facebook has become. somehow it all makes this film even more iconic and memorable? I could talk about this film any day. when doomsday strikes, I’m going to grab my phone and record myself professing my love of this film and david fincher, hoping the zombies/aliens/androids will treasure this for centuries to come. the way he doesn’t manipulate the viewers or even show a bias towards any of the characters, the way we’re not being told who to root for - the flavour. no one’s doing it like the social network. it’s perfect from start to finish. don’t even get me started on the score cause I could cry, I’m not kidding. the most pretentious filmbro inside me jumps out at the mention of this film. it’s not going anywhere from the front of my letterboxd profile anytime soon, get used to it.

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