• Hancock



    every time I watch jason bateman in a bad film it just makes me wish I was rewatching ozark. my graduation cannot come soon enough (that was literally the last tv show and I watched it in like february? march? I don’t even remember

    this film was so shit but I guess there’s a lot I can write about in my essay (google scholar has a decent number of articles on this too, surprisingly) so yeah. I’m just mad because a…

  • Six Degrees of Separation

    Six Degrees of Separation


    why is this weirdly underrated... yeah I know everyone hates that word, let me put this way - why haven’t I seen this film before? it’s pretty darn good and much better than what this crusty poster makes it out to be. will smith was so good in this? and really cute I’m not gonna lie

    watched this with my sister and we paused the film halfway and ended up thinking about who we could possibly be connected to by…

  • Hitch



    well, 2005 was a weird time in history. the filmmakers apparently avoided casting a black woman opposite will smith in fear of hitch being labelled a “black movie”, making it less profitable. I would’ve expected there to have been some change in this racist mindset, ever since the sidney poitier gave everyone a schooling in guess who’s coming to dinner back in 1967, but I guess not.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the accusations against will smith yet, with…

  • Avatar



    truly a bizarre state of affairs. I first saw this film when I was in middle school and I didn’t even pay attention that time, just remember going “ooh pretty colours”. and now, as I’m about to graduate from university - shit just got real. I had to watch this for class (obviously, why else would I revisit this film) and the whole colonialism angle just came through SO FUCKING HARD like woah, I didn’t even get a heads up.…

  • Shrek 2

    Shrek 2


    full offence to my old self but I no longer prefer shrek the third over this film. shrek the third is hilarious but it’s got a weak plot, but this? this one’s got everything. it’s the whole fucking package. I love this film to bits now and I clearly haven’t watched it enough.


  • Despicable Me 2

    Despicable Me 2


    whatever yeah the minions are annoying as fuck but this movie is FUNNY... fight me! also the music choices are just immaculate. okay maybe just the one use of where them girls at by david guetta... and just a cloud away by pharrell. yeah my music taste is shit, deal with it

    I heard there’s a third film, and no, I will not be watching that one. I saw the trailer out of curiosity and holy shit, the animation is awful. they even changed agnes’ face in this film so much... for what? idk

  • Despicable Me

    Despicable Me


    when gru yelled “HEY!” at edith when she disintegrated agnes’ unicorn... you could tell he had a soft spot for her since the very beginning. and the fact that he was especially rude to her, too ashamed to admit that he likes her - it’s so obvious he couldn’t help but give in to her adorable-ness. sorry this film gets me every time and I would cry if I was watching it in private 100%

    also dr. nefario is highkey…

  • Tenet



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I just wish someone would’ve told me this film gets worse on a rewatch... I wouldn’t have rewatched it then! gave in to the poster on my amazon prime homepage goddammit

    I can’t believe I just sat through the whole film just to get to 2:22:11 “you’ve known me for years?” because that shit just gets me and I don’t even know why. no offence but I wish nolan just embraced the “neil is kat’s son” theory and ran with…

  • Yes Day

    Yes Day

    I had a really shitty day today so I just decided to watch a shit film. ngl it did make me feel a bit better but I was rolling my eyes half the time and scrolling through édgar ramírez’s wikipedia page out of boredom and I ended up doing research on venezuelan footballers for no apparent reason

  • Juno



    this film warned us about jason bateman before ozark! you just can’t trust that man

    still one of the sweetest films ever with a coherent, lovely soundtrack, starring academy award nominee elliot page. can’t really go wrong here. jk simmons and allison janney also an academy award-winning duo. elliot’s oscar is coming you guys

  • Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

    Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal


    watching this while having to write and submit a 12,000 word thesis in one month was probably not the best idea.. I’m already in that phase where I think college/university is overrated so this documentary didn’t help! also can we talk about how the stanford and usc wikipedia pages have no mention of the scandal whatsoever... a whole ass embarrassment! 

    it’s also funny thinking in hindsight how all these people just got away with everything scot-free. they did spend some…

  • 77 Heartbreaks

    77 Heartbreaks


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    okay it was pretty basic but I really liked how he set us up for a happy ending where the leads end up together but then showed the uno reverse card? I was like, YES SIS, DUMP HIS ASS! but then that ending happened and I’m guessing she starts liking that heartbreak hotel guy or whatever. he was kinda creepy taking photos with her at that dessert place (those macaroons though... fuck) without her consent like? that’s not cute? “I…