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  • Hero



    One person’s pain is nothing when compared to the suffering of all.

    HERO has become one of my favorite films of all time. If you know me, you know I don’t say that lightly. For me, it is nearly impossible to know something that important (and it’s important to me!) after one viewing. Nearly impossible. HERO has become one of those rare exceptions, reminding me of my love for cinema and just how effective a medium it can be when…

  • Ichi the Killer

    Ichi the Killer


    When you inflict pain you gotta put your heart into it. There’s no love in your violence.

    When ICHI THE KILLER started with the killer in question’s cum shot drenching the title card, I knew I had made a mistake. I couldn’t stop watching though. Even when the subsequent film made me cringe and squirm and gag and scream, I just couldn’t stop. What a sick and twisted vision. Who could this possibly even be for?

    Well, anyway. I just downloaded the manga lol

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  • Dark City

    Dark City


    Director’s Cut.

    You went looking in the wrong place.”

    Cool concepts, some interesting ideas (that i have seen before) but I don’t know…I just was not feeling the film for the entire runtime. The lead had exactly 0 charisma and because the story wasn’t all that engaging for me, that just made it all the more a chore to get through. 

    Who knows, I may try it again one day and change my mind.

  • Rope



    “Did you think you were God, Brandon?”

    Gay men can never just do something without theatrics added on top of it, can they? Great film. Probably one of the only stage to film adaptations I’ve seen that translates without being dreadfully boring. Though, it is Hitchcock so I can’t necessarily say I’m surprised.

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  • Brokeback Mountain

    Brokeback Mountain


    jake’s asshole is stronger than all of the u.s marines combined

  • As You Are

    As You Are


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The "kill your gays" trope continues to ruin every LGBT film that interests me.