Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★★

Pretty consistently funny and has some fun satirical pop music for the soundtrack. It's filled with non-stop cameos of varying comedic efficiency and the mockumentary format lends a great energy to the film.

There's some jokes that drag on for too long and the attempt of having the film be heartfelt at the core doesn't really work out. The movie sets up a painfully predictable arc for the lead character and it plays out exactly as expected.

Also this is a film that the sooner you watch it, the better it will come across, because this is not going to go even a few years without getting dated to hell and back. I suppose that's the downside of relying on celebrity cameoes so much (though thankfully the joke is often a little more clever than "oh shit it's 'insert celebrity here'!).

I'd say it's one of the funnier comedies of the last couple years, even if it doesn't handle the non-comedic portions of its narrative anywhere near as well as the music and jokes.

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