Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

Ohhh this one comes close to being more than just another "alright" superhero movie, but it's adherence to certain formulas drag it down into mediocrity intermittently, which made it hard for me to appreciate fully.

Its opening is a bit rocky with the lame comedy, run of the mill villain introduction and pointless Dr. Strange cameo, but once Thor gets exiled to Jeff Goldblum's weird junk planet things really start picking up. The main plotline of this film where Thor is trying to escape the planet, while encountering an array of fun side characters, new and old, is really enjoyable. It's not spectacular, but you can do a whole lot worse by light hearted adventure film standards.

There's a lot of colour injected into the world and there's some enjoyably wacky ideas on show. Most of the comedy was good and garnered some laughs from me, I think they've really developed Thor well to be a charismatic hero and he gels well with Loki, Bruce Banner and Valkyrie. This also has a score that's not totally forgettable, making use of some pulsing synth tracks to add some extra energy to the action.

My problem with the film is that the whole plotline with Cate Blanchett coming to take over Asgard is super boring and predictable. It leads to an enjoyable brawl at the end of the film, but every time they cut back to Asgard, derailing Thor's plotline, it just made me switch right off. I'd rather things be kept on the junk planet, since Jeff Goldblum is an interesting sort of villain who could've been fleshed out more in favour of another big bad rival to Thor.

This isn't something I'd actively seek out to watch again, but it's hardly a bad time. At this point you know whether you're into Marvel movies or not and this one isn't really likely to change your mind, even if it's for sure on the better end of the spectrum of the soon to be 20+ films (!) in the MCU.

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